Random Acts of Hilarity!

by Ally

I’ve noticed a trend of people celebrating their birthdays by doing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s). Whatever age they turn, they do that many things. As someone whose life is dedicated towards improving the lives of those around her (often in the form of an audience),  I decided to create my  own little spin on this.

On August 28th, I’ll be turn 25. For some reason, that seems like a milestone. So I want to do something epic to celebrate. But I can’t do it alone. This summer, I want to film 25 Acts of Hilarity. After all, what’s more kind than making people laugh? But I’ll need a little help from my friends (that’s you).

Whether it be eating birthday cake with homeless people or taking a pinata shaped like myself to a random park and letting little ones beat the shit out of me, I don’t want to do any of these Random Acts of Hilarity alone. So.. Who wants to join me in spreading the cheer for my 25th Birthday? Send an e-mail to ally[at]ilaughedatthecrippledgirl[dot]com saying how we could spread the Hilarity and I’ll choose 25 of you awesome folks or groups of folks to take out into the world and help me make strangers smirk.

Maybe it’s just the mid-life crisis of a crippled girl, but I want this summer to one to remember. I can’t wait to hear what you studs come up with!


The last time I celebrated my birthday.. Can you guess which one it was?


  1. iambookus
    10 March 13, 3:13am

    God You’re hot! (Disclaimer: Until now I didn’t have a cripple fetish. Naww, it’s probably just you.)

  2. 14 April 13, 10:22am

    As I am a person with mitluple disabilities (some openly visible), one of my favorites is You don’t look Hard Of Hearing! One out of FIVE Americans has a hearing problem whether they know it or not. Wait until these alleged able-bodies find out IT’S THEMSELVES who are crips !WE decide how to label ourselves and to allow our friends to use those terms. I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s Hell. President Harry S. Truman .GO GET EM !!!

  3. Tasha
    03 May 13, 9:30pm

    I just saw one of your jokes posted on the chive and had to check out your site! You are re-dunk funny! And it sounds like you have a very fun summer ahead of you!

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