Ally Bruener is an up and coming comedian based out of Louisville, Kentucky. After her first show on October 19, 2010 she fell in love with the stage and constantly strives to make people laugh.

At the age of 22, Ally has experienced all the ups and downs life has to offer. She was diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) as a toddler and fully bound to a wheelchair by the age of seven. Between being the Junior Goodwill Ambassador (aka “poster child”) for the MDA for numerous years and finding her voice as a self-advocate at a young age, Ally knew her rightful place in this world was in front of a crowd.

In September 2010, Ally took her first roll into the world of Stand Up Comedy when she signed up for a five week course with the Underground Comedy School. After performing her graduation set on the main stage at Comedy Caravan, Ally received such a warm welcome from comedians and audience members, alike, that she knew she had to do it again.

This seemingly sweet and innocent college dropout breaks the limits of political correctness with self-deprecating cripple jokes and darkly observational humor while still stealing the hearts of a shocked audience.

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