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5 Happy Years

by Ally

October 19th, 2010 was the night that finally gave me a purpose in life. It unlocked my passion and renewed my hope. Life stopped spinning only to point in the one direction I could never ignore. I’d found my new home: the...

5 Reasons Why Once You Go Gimp, You’ll Never Go Limp

by Ally

It’s not just a line from my stand up, it’s a fact based on multiple years of personal research and double-blind studies (aka: glory holes). Crippled girls make better lovers. Here’s why.   1. We’re open-minded (read: kinky as...

Sometimes Twitter Gems Just Happen

by Ally

I love the crazy shit I see one Twitter.. Even more, I love the conversations that follow. Here’s my latest Twitter Gem:     Follow me @BRUEapilsNER

Upcoming Shows- -Summer 2014

by Ally

Hi pals! This summer is shaping up to be a great adventure. I’ve got some pretty amazing opportunities coming up and I hope to see some of your lovely faces along the way! June 27 – Florence, KY Laugh...

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  1. Jenny Dickman
    14 June 12, 11:14pm

    Hello my name is Jenny and my daughter is 21 years old and was injured three years ago which rendered her a quadraplegic. She just like you has her mind and she constantly comments about how people treat her as if something is wrong with her mentally. You and Kelli would be a great inspiration to others with disabilities and would be able to enlighten the world about people with disabilities. I would love to hear back from you!!!

  2. NF Cowan
    19 June 12, 4:59pm


    I applaud your efforts to battle the totalitarians in our society. Those who seek to limit free speech must be taken to task. Our ammunition? Yes, you guessed it. MORE free speech.

    The fact you can and do laugh at yourself demonstrates to me that you are way ahead of so many others in this increasingly oppressive/repressive politically-correct society aka The United States of America. The Leftist Kooks are the worst transgressors, of course, which is why the term “liberal” is such a misnomer. “Illiberal” is much more apropos.

    Individuals and Individualists are the answer. Not more group-think.

    Thank you for being you. Thank you for leading by example.

    I wish you well,

    NF Cowan
    Las Vegas, NV

  3. 19 June 12, 6:28pm

    Sorry to hear of your recent brush with ridiculous laws, apparently we are moving backwards in regards to rights. Be sure not to come to Michigan and use the word vagina, that’s a word you can’t use here, apparently!

    Good luck with your struggle to change peoples peceptions, it may be one of the hardest things to change!

  4. Sean
    19 June 12, 7:36pm

    Ally understands comedy. She takes a loaded word like cripple and works it. She looks her challenges and demons square in the eye and ridicules them just like any good comedian.

  5. Stephen McArthur
    19 June 12, 8:22pm

    Your humor and courage are models for us all! Thank you for what you do in the face of all you face.

  6. 19 June 12, 9:19pm

    It sounds to me like the brains of the officers who arrested you were crippled. They have heard of the First Amendment, haven’t they? There is no right to be free from being offended. You ought to let the lawyers at the Volokh Conspiracy know about your case.

    I bet one of them will blog about it and point to relevant case law that will prove that the cops are idiots.

    I wish you both well. You both have my respect.

  7. Joao
    20 June 12, 1:46am


    I am portuguese, and even though I would love to be able to live in your country one day, for all the good things that make it the great nation it is, it is very confusing to me how can there be such «little», short-minded people, conservative people, as opposed to such great examples as yourself and your life story.

    You are indeed inspiring, and I hope that you suceed in changing these horrible people!

  8. 20 June 12, 2:13am

    I bought a t-shirt…

    And when I PayPal’ed you the money I saw your email address so I’m sending you an extra hundred bucks for your “legal defense fund.”

    … or whatever else you want to spend it on… If you use it to re-establish the first amendment in the town you were arrested in I would consider it money well spent.


  9. KEVIN
    20 June 12, 3:51am

    Keep it up, and don’t ever stop what ur doing.

  10. Rob
    20 June 12, 4:11am

    I have a feeling the judge will take a look at the case, then take a look at the cops and ask them why they shouldn’t be slapped upside the head. Ridiculous.

  11. David
    20 June 12, 8:37am

    As I am a person with multiple disabilities (some openly visible), one of my favorites is “You don’t look Hard Of Hearing!” One out of FIVE Americans has a hearing problem whether they know it or not. Wait until these alleged able-bodies find out IT’S THEMSELVES who are “crips”!
    WE decide how to label ourselves and to allow our friends to use those terms.
    “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s Hell.”
    President Harry S. Truman .
    GO GET ‘EM !!!

  12. jim
    20 June 12, 3:01pm

    go getem kid and take no prisoners.
    Another one of “Jerries Kids”

  13. Holy Cow
    20 June 12, 8:26pm

    I feel you are very courageous and I applaud you for your your sense of humor.
    I do have one request though. I would like to see the t-shirts read
    ‘I laughed WITH the Crippled Girl’. I would never laugh AT you.
    Stay Safe, Stay Strong

  14. Flash Bazbo
    21 June 12, 12:20am

    As much as the actions of the Cincinatti PD make me ashamed to be an American, you make me proud to be one! Don’t let the morons get ya down.